WorldSkills Australia Competitions

Benefits of Competition

  • Provides an increase in a sustainable skilled workforce across the country
  • Excellent opportunity for industry to become involved with the next generation of Australia’s skilled workforce
  • Increases the level of skill and trade excellence across Australia and in doing so ensures the sustainable future of our nation
  • Ability to showcase commitment to training
  • Promotes and builds a skills-respecting culture by celebrating skills excellence

WorldSkills Australia is concerned with encouraging young Australians to achieve their full potential. We are achieving this through our continual effort to support skills excellence in Australia and by benchmarking our projects and skills, designed within international standards.

We are accomplishing this huge task with the help of Government, TAFE institutes, GTAs, Registered Training Organisations, schools, industry and volunteers.

Regional Competitions

Regional Competitions are held every second year. During 2015, over 500 Regional Competitions will run across the 31 WSA Regions. Gold medallists from the Regional competitions are eligible to compete at the WorldSkills Australia National Competition. Regional Competitions are organised by WSA’s dedicated volunteers and are conveyed in either a public forum or a training provider’s facility such as a TAFE Institute.

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National Competitions

The WorldSkills Australia National Competition hosts the countries best trainees and apprentices in an exciting three day competition. The competitors converge from the 31 WSA Regions to compete in their specialised skill areas. The event concludes with an exciting closing ceremony, where medallists are called to stage in front of an audience of approximately 2000 guests.

The venue for the National Competition alternates between states every two years. Medallists from the WorldSkills Australia National Competition, if eligible, may be offered a position as a Team Australia Skillaroo.

The National Competition also features interactive Try’aSkill demonstrations as well as the National Careers and Employment Expo.

International Competitions

WorldSkills Australia is just one of over 70 WorldSkills International member countries/regions. Every two years, participating members converge at the world’s largest skills competition – the WorldSkills International Competition.

WorldSkills International Competitions are run over four days and also include events such as a welcome function, competition familiarisation and opening/closing ceremonies.

Competitors have had to advance from regional and national levels to prove their commitment and skills in their chosen field and the International Competition is the ultimate test. Members of the Skillaroos become ambassadors not only for their skill, but also their local region, state and country.

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