Ethan Souleles

When Ethan Souleles was 10, he received his first computer. But with no tech savvy family or friends to show him the ropes, Ethan had to teach himself how to set up, use, and fix any issues that stopped him enjoying his new machine. And so begun a lifelong obsession with the world of IT that has brought him to Lyon 2024.

Ethan is a big advocate for a balanced lifestyle. When not in front of a computer or studying, he enjoys spending his time at his second home, the gym. A keen weightlifter, Ethan has found many of the skills and practices that help him increase his lifts and build muscle are transferrable to his WorldSkills journey. From an appreciation of perseverance and the importance of routines, to focussing on the task at hand, Ethan applies lessons from the gym to his training and vice versa.

Ethan’s intensive schedule – which includes his regular weightlifting sessions, his WorldSkills training, and full-time job as a System Administrator – can sometimes be difficult to manage. But with the support of his passionate Mentor, Troy, Ethan is ready to give it his all when he takes to the world stage in September.

“Growing up I was an overweight kid. I’m really proud to have lost that excess weight – particularly as my skill is mostly sedentary. It’s helped me develop a sense of discipline, structure, routine, and motivation to work towards a bigger objective.”

IT Network Systems Administration Team

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