Jake Twyford

Jake Twyford’s venture into car painting stemmed from his initial interest in sign writing, fuelled by his talent in visual arts. However, as sign writing became more computerised, Jake redirected his skills towards car painting – a field in which he felt more able to utilise his artistic abilities, particularly in brushwork and spray painting.

Jake’s career path took a significant turn when, encouraged by his TAFE teacher, he entered WorldSkills Australia and medalled in both the Regional and National competitions. The program also provided him with valuable, hands-on learning opportunities from industry experts.

Before committing fully to his apprenticeship, Jake was an avid rugby player. He made the decision to step back from the sport to focus on his career and avoid injuries that could impact his ability to work. Outside his apprenticeship, Jake spends time assisting in his dad’s business, further honing his skills and gaining industry knowledge.

Jake’s transition from an interest in sign writing to mastering car painting underscores his adaptability and commitment to finding a career path that aligns with his artistic strengths and interests.

“My WorldSkills journey has been so insightful and the experience I have gained so far is invaluable. My learning of the industry has developed so much, and I’m really excited about the prospect of competing in the international competition.”

Car Painting Team

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