Lestatt Hammond-Hurst


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  • Region Mid Coast
  • Training Institute TAFE NSW Coffs Harbour

Growing up with nine siblings, Lestatt Hammond-Hurst is never short of taste-testers for his delicious creations. The young baker is now particularly excited to be heading to the spiritual homeland of the baked treat, France, to take on and learn from the world’s best bakers.

For as long as he can remember, Lestatt has loved being in the kitchen. Over time he found his niche in baking – the precision required to produce a quality and consistent product really resonating with him. Since making the decision to pursue baking as a career and joining WorldSkills Australia, Lestatt has had to overcome several hurdles, including long trips and transport challenges – but it’s all worth it when he’s in the kitchen.

Lestatt works under his mentor, Brooke Stephen, at the Glenreagh Bakery. Given the calibre of delicious treat’s the pair are serving up, it’s no wonder the town has gotten behind them and will be cheering Lestatt on in September.

“I have nine siblings, so not only am I never lonely, I have a lot of very willing volunteers to sample my treats and provide plenty of welcome feedback. I’ll be thinking of them and my entire family and community when I’m in Lyon.”

Bakery Team