CSQ Supports Try’aTrade

The 26th of March marked a significant day for WorldSkills Australia’s Try’aSkill/Try’aTrade program, with Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) signing on for another 12 month partnership. Mark Callaghan, WSA CEO, met with Brett Schimming, CSQ CEO, to officiate the contract. CSQ has been supporting and promoting the facilitation of Try’aTrade activities in the construction field for the past six years. The partnership demonstrates CSQ’s commitment to skill development in the construction industry.

WorldSkills Australia would like to thank CSQ for their generosity and ongoing support. The Try’aTrade/Try’aSkill program provides communities, all over Australia, with the chance to try their hand at various skills and trades, thus promoting the opportunities available via a VET Pathway.

Construction Skills Queensland assists the Queensland building and construction industry by supporting the skills development of its workforce. This is achieved through the reinvestment of funds collected via an industry training levy.

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