International Training Manager/Expert Application

Worldskills Australia (WSA) is seeking expressions of interest for the position of International Training Manager/Expert for the 2018/19 Skills Squad in the lead up to the 2019 WSC Kazan and final selection of Team Australia.

The role requires ongoing commitment of 12 months preparation for 2019 WSC Kazan – including attendance at all WSA events, coordinating the training, regular contact face to face and electronically with the skill squad member/s, submitting a training plan and monthly training reports and ensuring remaining up to date with the International expert’s forum.

WSA is committed to selecting the strongest team possible with the aim of remaining within the top 10 ranked countries at the international level. Australia is currently ranked 10th out of 79-member countries following the 44th WorldSkills competition 2017 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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Application Process

Please complete the application form following.

The form must be submitted to WorldSkills Australia by 5pm AEST Monday 18 June 2018.

Please Note: late applications will not be accepted

Personal Information



    Date of Birth*

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    Email Address*

    WSA Skill*

    WSA Region*

    Polo/T-Shirt Size*

    Passport Number*

    Expiry Date*

    Please upload a colour photocopy of your passport. Please ensure that it is valid for up to 6 months after what will be your return date to Australia if you are successful in your application. E.g. 6 months from 1 September 2019 approximately.*

    Application Questions

    Please list your past experience with WSA...*

    What skills knowledge & attributes can/do you bring to the role of training manager/international expert?*

    Why do you want to be/continue to be a training manager/international expert?*

    Do you require any further development or assistance with the use of online forums/tests or report writing to fulfil the role of training manager/international expert? If so, please specify.*

    What are your plans to improve the performance of the skill at the international competition? How will you achieve this?*

    What support network do you have in place to assist with the training of the international competitor?*


    • All Training Managers/International Experts must ensure they are available for the following:

      • Skills Squad Training Camp

        • Late August/Early September 2018

        • 4-day commitment

      • 2019 Global Skills Challenge

        • 6-day commitment

        • May 2019 (subject to change)

          • Around 3 months prior to Kazan, Russia

    • Training sessions with Skills Squad Member/Skillaroo

      • A Training Plan must be completed in preparation for the 2018 Skills Squad Training Camp

        • Contact details of your Skill Squad Member, their employer and mentor will be provided to ensure all are a part of this process

    • Complete online portal tests and modules supplied by WSI

      • More information to come

    • All Training Managers/International Experts are expected to have an active Facebook Account

      • They are required to join the 2018/19 Skills Squad Facebook Group which will be created once the Skills Squad selection has been made

      • All should actively be involved in this group and be posting regular updates of training along with their Skills Squad/Skillaroo member

    • Regular weekly contact is required with the skills squad member

    • Regular contact with mentor/trainer and employer

    • Monthly reporting to WSA

    • Regular access to International Discussion Forum

    • All Training Managers/International Experts are required to support and assist in media opportunities to help promote WorldSkills Australia, the 2018/19 Skills Squad, Skillaroos & Team Australia

      • This will include but may not be limited to:

        • Local Fundraising Activities

        • Filming on required content for marketing and PR purposes

        • Sharing of social media articles/posts

        • Be responsive to the WSA Marketing team when they request information (which will be used for a rangeof purposes)

    Please tick this box, if you agree to the above commitments, and ensure that you will be able to commit 100% to the role and the above tasks and responsibilities.

    Supporting Information

    Please provide the contact name and details of your employer representative who supports your application. Your application will not be considered without this detail.

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    Applicants Declaration

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