Meet your 2022 Skills Squad

After a grueling round of competitions, set against the ever-challenging backdrop of COVID-19 restrictions, WorldSkills Australia is pleased to announce we have officially selected our 2022 Skills Squad!

The Skills Squad is the first step for our competitors looking to compete at the 46th WorldSkills International in Shanghai in October 2022 as part of Team Australia.

Over the coming months, these talented young people will put in hundreds of hours of training alongside a dedicated industry expert in order to perfect their craft.

We look forward to announcing Team Australia in April 2022 and revealing our Skillaroos.

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Industrial Mechanic
Competitor: Lisiate Hull (SA)
Expert: Brandon Gillett (QLD)

Competitor: To be announced
Expert: Mark Williams (NSW)

*Plumbing & Heating
Competitors: Lachlan Kinter (NSW),  Hugh Davey (NSW)
Expert: Andrew Whalan (NSW)

Competitor: Jayden Jennings (NSW)
Expert: Andrew Hosking (QLD)

Competitor: Carly Bird (TAS)
Expert: Jai Maluga (TAS)

Competitor: Matthew Duffy (NSW), Brock Perry (QLD)
Expert: Allen Hill (NSW)

Competitor: Charles Farrar (WA)
Expert: Jyothi Collins (NSW)

Competitor: Mary Evans (NSW), Anne Russell (NSW)
Expert: Donna Demaria (NSW)

Beauty Therapy
Competitor: Maddison Williams (NSW)
Expert: Naomi Zadow (NSW)

Fashion Technology
Competitor: Michael Shin (QLD)
Expert: Donna Drain (NSW)

Automotive Technology
Competitor: Nicholas McLaren (NSW)
Expert: John Francis (VIC)

Competitors: Sarah Hunt (QLD), Sabrina Rees (NSW)
Expert: Ianthe Smith (NSW)

Car Painting
Competitor: Isabela Turrise (NSW)
Expert: Brad Franklin (NSW)

*Refrigeration & Airconditioning
Competitors: Ryan Hanns (ACT), Tom Clancy (WA)
Expert: Carl Balke (QLD)

IT Network Systems Administration
Competitor: Liam Spindler (NSW)
Expert: Troy Pretty (VIC)

Graphic Design Technology
Competitor: Kelsey Wade (SA)
Expert: Brendan Hibbert (WA)

Competitor: Rachel Crawford (ACT)
Expert: John Reminis (NSW)

3D Digital Game Art 
Competitor: Thomas Van Breda (VIC)
Expert: David Bartolo (NSW)

Cloud Computing
Competitor: Daniella Kurnia Surya (WA)
Expert: David Chatterton (VIC)

*Cyber Security
Team: Christopher Fitzsimons & Bujitha Ponsuge (WA)
Team: Matt Docktrell & Ben Armstrong (WA)
Expert: Sawan Singh (NSW)

Digital Construction
To be announced
Expert: Christopher Brown (NSW)

*Competitor will be determined in a ‘skill-off’ to be held in early 2022