2012 National Competition Results

Sep 2, 2012

…and the results are in

After three days of exhilarating competition the Ultimate Skills Challenge has come to an end. Competitors, judges, volunteers, friends & family celebrated their achievements at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney this evening, where the winners of the 2012 WorldSkills Australia National Competition were officially announced.


Autobody Repair Medallists
Gold: Dayne Ciborowski – Melbourne
Silver: Lindsey Scarlett – South West WA
Bronze: Nathan Williams – Hunter

Automotive Mechanics Medallists
Gold: Timothy Taylor – Ballarat/Wimmera
Silver: Craig Shepley – Adelaide
Bronze: Travis Taylor – Illawarra & Luke O’Gorman – New England

Heavy Vehicle Mechanics Medallists
Gold: James Ripa – Sydney
Silver: Leon Archibald – Perth North
Bronze: Bryan Rowland – Riverina Murray

Vehicle Painting Medallists
Gold: Andrew McCormick – Sydney West
Silver: Dylan Ward – Hunter
Bronze: Blake Duke – Sydney

VETiS Automotive Services
Gold: Aaron Walters – NSW
Silver: Matthew Hobbs – NSW
Bronze: Anthony Bazouni – NSW


Gold: Todd Richards – Central Queensland
Silver: Alan Ramsden – Perth South
Bronze: Matthew Barratt – Tasmania

Gold: Brett Cahill – Sydney West
Silver: Jaycob Hargreaves – Perth North
Bronze: Nathan Cardwell – Sydney

Gold: Patrick Markovic – Sydney West
Silver: Timothy Knight – Canberra
Bronze: Samuel Nancarrow – Tasmania

Electrical Control
Gold: Angus Sweet – South East SA
Silver: Timothy Annetts – Riverina Murray
Bronze: Shaun Francis – North Queensland

Electrical Installation
Gold: David Cummings – Macquarie
Silver: Daniel Salucci – North Queensland
Bronze: Ryan Baldwin – Brisbane

Gold: David Corrigan – Sydney West
Silver: Nikolas Skibola – Sydney
Bronze: Fabian Guseli – Melbourne

Landscape Construction
Gold: Alden Meale – Melbourne
Silver: Ryan Dahlblom – Vic Country
Bronze: Jackson Bramley – New England

Painting & Decorating
Gold: Justin Halliday – Adelaide
Silver: Justin O’Neill – Illawarra
Bronze: Benjamin Hackett – Sydney West

Gold: Jarred Denning – Adelaide
Silver: Scott Louw – Tasmania
Bronze: Stephen Howden – Perth North

Gold: Alex De Koeyer – Riverina Murray
Silver: Joshua Cemal – Mid Coast
Bronze: Chris Cremona – Sydney West

Plumbing Team Challenge
Gold: Tyrone Bloomfield & Alishia Ford
Silver: Jamsy Bellou & Peter Shepherd
Bronze: Wade McEwan & Ramone Watson

Gold: Mitchell Barron – Sydney West
Silver: Matthew Zambrowski – Hunter
Bronze: Jonathon Cross – Adelaide

Gold: Mitchell Croke – Illawarra
Silver: Andrew Brkic – Illawarra
Bronze: Nyla Smith – Northern Territory

Wall & Floor Tiling Medallists
Gold: Luke Wray – Canberra
Silver: Emma Boughton-Lane – Perth South
Bronze: Samuel Poli – Sydney West

VETiS Construction
Gold: Jack Salzke – NSW
Silver: Michael Crewes – QLD
Bronze: Justin Gauci – VIC

VETiS Electrotechnology
Gold: Maddison Sheehan – NSW
Silver: Jake Mortimer – NSW
Bronze: Alexander Werts – VIC


Beauty Care
Gold: Hannah Colquhoun – North Queensland
Silver: Alaine Watson – Sydney West
Bronze: Saan Williamson – Riverina Murray

Fashion Technology
Gold: Ashleigh Huntley – Sydney
Silver: Genevieve Hutty – Illawarra
Bronze: Zjarie Butterworth – Sydney West

Gold: Dayne Robinson – Melbourne
Silver: Erin Lamb – Perth South
Bronze: Elizabeth Brouwer – Sydney West

Gold: Emma Rissmann – Geelong
Silver: Savannah Smith – Northern Territory
Bronze: Jessamy Mooney – South West WA

VETiS Retail
Gold: Gabrielle Wilton – NSW
Silver: Brooke Waugh – NSW
Bronze: Courtney Mahaffey – QLD

VETiS Tourism
Gold: Claudia Davis – QLD
Silver: Lauren Gardner – QLD
Bronze: Caitlin McCracken – WA


Business Services
Gold: Candyce Dunford – South East SA
Silver: Rachel Mammatt – Illawarra
Bronze: Megan Puckeridge – Sydney West

IT Software Solutions
Gold: Keith Buckley – Sydney
Silver: Rebecca Walsh – Wide Bay
Bronze: Mitchell Tamsett – Hunter

PC & Network Support
Gold: Rhys Walsh-Tindall – Southern Queensland
Silver: Jason Frost – Riverina Murray
Bronze: Paul Wu – Sydney West

Printing & Graphic Arts
Gold: Ethan Hoare – Melbourne
Silver: Courtney Proud – Adelaide
Bronze: Nathan Smith – Sydney

Web Design
Gold: Mitchell Larosa – Sydney
Silver: Chris Schofield – Sydney
Bronze: Luca Chiaravalloti – Melbourne

VETiS Business Services
Gold: Jade McConnell – NSW
Silver: Klara McCaw – NSW
Bronze: Benita Hicks – QLD

VETiS Information Technology
Gold: Alex Cowle – NSW
Silver: Julia Wong – NSW
Bronze: Madisson Spanhel – NSW


Gold: Richard Pascoe – Brisbane
Silver: Georgia Ramsay – South West WA
Bronze: Jessie Lucas – Southern Queensland

Meat Retailing
Gold: Matthew Papandrea – Sydney
Silver: John Voss – Sydney West
Bronze: Ben Field – Illawarra

Restaurant Service
Gold: Jessica Martin – Sydney
Silver: Weikang Chen – Brisbane
Bronze: Ryan Spiteri – Canberra

Retail Baking – Bread
Gold: Richelle Hassett – Brisbane
Silver: John Reminis – Illawarra
Bronze: Bradley Jackley-Hirsch – North Queensland

Retail Baking – Pastry
Gold: Amy Kelly – Hunter
Silver: Angela McCauley – Sydney
Bronze: Felicina Franco – Adelaide

VETiS Commercial Cookery
Gold: Aaron Sweeney – NSW
Silver: Penny Duggan – NSW
Bronze: Stephanie Greendslade – WA

VETiS Food & Beverage
Gold: Casey Whittingham – WA
Silver: Courtney Stevens – QLD
Bronze: Courtney Collins – NT


Construction Steel Work
Gold: Kurt Maier – Riverina Murray
Silver: Scott Brown – Illawarra
Bronze: Jay Ingley – South East SA

Gold: Stephen Beelitz – Adelaide
Silver: Nathan Crossman – Illawarra
Bronze: Matthew Trotter – Central Queensland

Gold: Tayron Scagnetti – Perth South
Silver: Amy Kennedy – Victoria Country
Bronze: Erin Thomson – Perth Noth

Gold: Tyler Cook & Joshua Kleinig – Macquarie
Silver: Rowan Diggins & William McLennan-Dye – Riverina Murray
Bronze: Rebecca Atcheson & Ben Brown – Hunter

Sheetmetal Work
Gold: Jay Logan – Brisbane
Silver: Joshua Boag – Tasmania
Bronze: Nick Borg – Sydney West

Gold: Brandon Gillett – Central Queensland
Silver: Philip Matthews-Frederick – Brisbane
Bronze: Mathew McGlashan – Illawarra

Gold: Lachlan Mayled – New England
Silver: Tom Hornemann – Northern Rivers
Bronze: Matthew Hensel – South East SA

VETiS Metals & Engineering
Gold: Matthew Garlan – NSW
Silver: Rhys Creed – NSW
Bronze: Jacob Holmes – VIC


VETiS Primary Industries
Gold: Max Ridley – NSW
Silver: Jordan Kerr – NSW
Bronze: Lucina Yeomans – NSW