Privacy Policy

WorldSkills Australia is committed to supporting the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). We recognise that your privacy is important to you and we take our responsibilities under privacy law seriously.

WorldSkills Australia is committed to providing you with security and protection of your personal information.

  1. COLLECTIONWorldSkills Australia will only collect personal information that is necessary for you to participate in our competitions or events, or to use our website. You have no obligation to provide any personal information to us. If you do elect to withhold requested information though, you may not be able to participate in our competitions or events that require the collecting of that information.

    WorldSkills Australia only collects the personal information that you provide to us, via our website or other communications, such as by email, through surveys, in person, or over the phone.

    In order for you to participate in our competitions or events, or to use our website, we will need to collect from you basic personal information such as your name, age, contact details, address details, details of your previous experience with competitions of WorldSkills Australia, details of any disabilities that might restrict your participation, and work or school details (if applicable). We may also collect basic website traffic information, such as how many people have visited our website, which we use to evaluate the website in an effort to provide you with a superior service.

  2. USE AND DISCLOSUREThe information you provide to us will only be used to register you on our website and enable you to participate in our competitions or events. In some circumstances this may involve disclosing information to a third party, for example, we will need to disclose your personal information to the venue providers of competitions or events, journalists, PR agencies or organisational partners. However we will never disclose any of your personal information in a way that breaches your privacy.

    WorldSkills Australia will never sell or receive payment for disclosing your personal information to a third party.

    If you elect, we may use your personal information, for example your email address, to provide you with enhanced services such as by advising you of new events, competitions, scholarships and pathways and alumni program. If you do not elect for us to do so, your personal information will not be used for these purposes.

  3. DATA QUALITYWorldSkills Australia will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is accurate, complete and up to date when we use it.
  4. DATA SECURITYWorldSkills Australia will at all times take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is protected. We will also delete and de-identify any of your personal information that is no longer needed.
  5. OPENNESSWorldSkills Australia will at all times comply with privacy laws. We will be honest and open with you about the type of personal information that is collected about you and the way in which we will use your personal information.

    At any time if you have any queries in relation to how we collect, hold, use, store or disclose your personal information, you may contact us at the address set out below in this policy.

  6. ACCESS AND CORRECTIONAt any time you may request access to your personal information by contacting us, which we will provide within a reasonable time.

    If at any time you require your personal information to be changed, please notify us of the change so that we can update our records.

  7. SENSITIVE INFORMATIONUnder no circumstances will WorldSkills Australia collect information that is considered highly personal or highly sensitive about you. For example, we will not collect personal information relating to your religious or philosophical beliefs, or sexual orientation.
  8. COOKIESTo make our website more convenient to use, we have employed a “cookie” system. A “cookie” is a small file that stores information, such as your login details. This information allows us to make our website easier to use as the cookies mean our servers can maintain your details between visits to our site. If you wish, you can disable your browser’s use of cookies at any time.
  9. COVERAGE AND COMPLAINTSWorldSkills Australia welcomes feedback and will attend to any complaints promptly. If you would like to provide feedback or make a complaint, please contact us on 03 9249 1000 or