Training Providers

Training Providers are an important part of the experience WorldSkills Australia offers our nation’s young people.

Training Providers, like TAFEs and RTOs, help WorldSkills Australia strengthen Australia’s skills culture by encouraging students to enter WorldSkills Australia competitions, and by hosting competitions.

In doing so, they highlight their institution’s commitment to raising standards in work-based learning. They promote it as a centre of excellence in skills training and delivery, and offer their students the kinds of extracurricular experiences and pathways that will help them to be the very best they can be.

When TAFES and RTOs partner with WorldSkills Australia, they are fostering trade and skills development, strengthening Australian apprenticeships, and empowering students with life changing experiences and leadership skills.

They are part of a vital network of people and organisations who help to make WorldSkills Australia events run. The work of State and Territory Governments and education bodies in supporting the regional competitions create the platform for the National and International Championships.

How working with WorldSkills Australia can benefit your institution

Getting involved in WorldSkills Australia highlights your organisation’s commitment to raising standards in work-based learning. Skill and trade competition activity can help create a real buzz in your organisation, motivating students and inspiring them to push their technical and professional skills to the limit.

Through the commitment and show of support you extend to your student to compete in a WorldSkills Australia competition, you are:

  • Benchmarking students against the best in Australia
  • Promoting your RTO/TAFE as a centre of excellence in skills training and delivery
  • Aligning with government’s strategic goals to train, attract and retain a diverse workforce
  • Endorsing curriculum and celebrating excellence
  • Raising the status of apprenticeships, vocational education and training
  • Value adding to curriculum by offering students extracurricular experiences and pathways
  • Supporting the professional development of staff.

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