The National Championships is Australia’s biggest vocational education and excellence competition. Over three days at Skills Show Australia, selected Regional competitors are flown from around the country to showcase and benchmark their skills on the national stage competing against their industry peers from around the country.

The National Championships operate on a two-yearly cycle, taking place in the years in-between the Regionals and Internationals. In 2025, the WorldSkills Australia National Championships are heading to Brisbane.

WorldSkills Australia has had a huge impact on me. I have become more organised, focussed and responsible in my day to day, personal life. My professional stamina has lifted, as my daily schedules are becoming busier and fuller. I am grateful for the way WorldSkills Australia is changing me – for the best.

A WorldSkills Australia National Championship is about more than finding champions

It’s about getting Australia’s young people excited about skills and trades and growing Australia’s skills culture. It’s also about building the strength of industry and community, by providing a forum for engagement and cooperation.

Australia’s largest skills excellence event creates an exciting, interactive and engaging environment for tens of thousands of apprentices, trainees, school-aged children and young people, their families, industry associations and employer groups.

Participants can observe and experience an unmatched variety of skilled trade and technology careers, all under the one roof, by watching the competitions, participating in Try’aSkill demonstrations and networking with hundreds of industry and educational experts.

The host city of a National Championship typically yields a multi-million-dollar economic benefit by attracting tens of thousands of local, interstate and international visitors and a commitment to purchase products, goods and services locally.

Comprehensive marketing and communications campaigns that support the national championships provide partners and key stakeholders with unparalleled access to the next generation of apprentices, trainees and their families. Learn more about partnerships.

We also facilitate a number of scholarships, fellowships and personal/professional development opportunities that prepare WorldSkills competitors to become our nation’s future leaders of business and industry.

Ready to take the WorldSkills plunge?

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