Transport & Logistics

Auto Electrical

Auto electricians work in a variety of environments which range from small workshops to larger outside venues. Configuring computing systems within high performance cars is just one example of the many types of work auto electricians do.

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Autobody Repair

The Automotive Body Repair competition requires the skills and knowledge required to perform a range of skills at an apprentice level for those working in the Autobody Repair trade. The work is in a defined range of skilled operations which…

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Automotive Mechanics

Automotive mechanics are valued for their craftsmanship and their ability to diagnose and repair vehicle faults. With ongoing advancements in the automotive field, the role of the automotive mechanic has developed into a first-class career pathway.

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Heavy Vehicle Mechanics

Heavy vehicle mechanics work with trucks, buses, tractors, stationary engines, agricultural machinery, bulldozers and other earthmoving equipment. They specialise in the repair, maintenance and testing of the mechanical components in this type of machinery.

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Motorcycle Mechanics

Vehicle Painting

Vehicle painters can transform a thirty-year-old car to shine like new. Working detailed designs to simple vehicle recolouring, they are considered to be the ‘artists’ of the automotive industry.

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VETiS Automotive Services

Automotive service technicians, often referred to as ‘service techs’, inspect, maintain and repair cars, as well as light trucks.

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