BBM Youth Support Award for Skilled Futures

BBM Youth Support Award for Skilled Futures is recognised as a valuable and prestigious award which acknowledges and rewards excellence in skills. BBM Youth Support became a prominent international pathway for WorldSkills Australia in 2000, when the two organisations first partnered to select and grant young and talented competitors with scholarships to travel to the United Kingdom to participate in a two-week leadership development course.

The Scholarships helps to enhance the career prospects of WorldSkills Australia competitors through a development program offered by Mission Performance. The recipients are also encouraged to seek work placement and take advantage of their overseas experience.

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Benefits of the BBM Youth Support Award for Skilled Futures:

  • Career enhancement through personal and professional development;
  • Improved communication, leadership and teamwork skills;
  • Enhanced technical skills through overseas work experience;
  • International travel; and
  • Participation in exciting activities such as hiking expeditions, sinking ship simulators sailing and more.

“I would recommend the BBM Youth Support Award for Skilled Futures to future candidates, it is an incredible opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork skills, meet a fantastic group of young people, travel to the UK and possibly Europe and see another side of the world. It also provides you with the opportunity to do work experience in another country and learn new and different skills and techniques which may not have been taken to Australia yet.” – Matthew Thorpe, BBM Youth Support Award for Skilled Futures recipient

About BBM Youth Support

For over 30 years BBM has provided youth support through channels such as direct funding for not-for-profit organisations which focus on youth health and education, the BBM Youth Awards and the WorldSkills Australia scholarship program.

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