2013 Youth Forum & Regional Workshop

Between February 26th to March 2nd WorldSkills Australia will be conducting the biennial Youth Forum and Regional Workshop. Both events are critical to the forward planning of the organisation. Through the collaborative input provided by past competitors and regional volunteers, WSA aims utilise all feedback to improve the competition process for all stakeholders. WSA would like to thank all those who have registered to attend these events. We look forward to an exciting week ahead.

This year, both events will be held at RMIT University – Brunswick Campus. WorldSkills Australia and RMIT have enjoyed a longstanding partnership through projects such as MoVE Research. WSA would like to acknowledge RMIT University for its ongoing support.

2013 WSA Youth Forum
26th February – 1st March

The WSA Youth Forum is a biennial event which brings together skills champions from around Australia in a creative and interactive environment. It encourages them to voice their opinions and ideas on how to improve WSA as an organisation and how to promote vocational education and training pathways in Australia.

Over three days, 20 youth forum delegates representing a broad range of skill and trade professions and geographic locations will share ideas, build friendships and workshop suggestions in an exciting and stimulating environment. These brainstorming sessions will then culminate with an inspirational presentation delivered to over 50 of WSA’s main regional coordinators, teachers, trainers, board members and other interested stakeholders.

2013 WSA Regional Workshop
1st – 2nd March

The Regional Workshop is critical in the forward planning of the 2013 WSA Regional Competitions – a key milestone on the biennial WSA calendar. Without support at the regional level, neither the National Competition nor the selection of Team Australia, would be possible. As such, WSA has once again called upon the expertise and input of each WSA Region to provide guidance on how we can collaboratively improve WSA Regional Competitions. The two day event will also provide the attendees with crucial information that is required in order to plan and run a Regional Competition.