2014 National Competition Results!!

The results for the 2014 WorldSkills Australia National Competition are in. After three days of challenging competition, judges, volunteers, friends & family came together to celebrate the achievements of the 2014 National competitors at the Closing Ceremony held at the Riverside Theatre at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. 


Auto Electrical
GOLD: Kane Girard, New England – NSW
SILVER: Justin Fenton, Sydney – NSW
BRONZE: Ashley Lake, Brisbane – QLD

Autobody Repair
GOLD: Trent Yeo, Melbourne – VIC
SILVER: Graham Munro, Hunter – NSW
BRONZE: Blake Holden, Sydney – NSW

Automotive Mechanics
GOLD: Kurt Trask, Brisbane – QLD
SILVER: Karl Davies, Ballarat/Wimmera – VIC
BRONZE: Aaron Cornelius, Victoria Country – VIC

Heavy Vehicle Mechanics
GOLD: Kristofer Maxwell, Tasmania – TAS
SILVER: Matthew Martland, Sydney West – NSW
BRONZE: James Daniels, North Queensland – QLD

Vehicle Painting
GOLD: Blair Watters, Hunter – NSW
SILVER: Billy Cowcher, Melbourne – VIC
BRONZE: Jayden Cook, Perth South – WA


GOLD: Sam Spong, Illawarra – NSW
SILVER: Matthew Cheso, Adelaide – SA
BRONZE: Nicholas Coci, Perth North – WA

GOLD: Karl Geue, Southeast South Australia – SA
SILVER: Matthew Burnett, South West WA – WA
BRONZE: Oliver Baker, Canberra – ACT

GOLD: Peter Ives, Hunter – NSW
SILVER: Danny Dredge, Sydney West – NSW
BRONZE: Thomas Meyers, Illawarra – NSW

Electrical Control
GOLD: Jim D’Elboux, Macquarie – NSW
SILVER: Luke Schaenzel, Brisbane – QLD
BRONZE: Timo Pretorius, Central Queensland – QLD

Electrical Installation
GOLD: Luke Davies, Brisbane – QLD
SILVER: Daniel Baker, Central Queensland – QLD
BRONZE: Todd Hindmarsh, Southeast South Australia – SA

GOLD: Nicholas Roman, Illawarra – NSW
SILVER: Steven Diberardino, Melbourne – VIC
BRONZE: Ben Curtis, Ballarat/Wimmera – VIC

Landscape Construction
GOLD: Daniel Conaghan, Sydney West – NSW
SILVER: Joshua Passafaro, Sydney – NSW
BRONZE: Lachlan Samers, Melbourne – VIC

Painting & Decorating
GOLD: Sharlene Kidd, Perth North – WA
SILVER: Russell Turbill, Adelaide – SA
BRONZE: Jarrod Wardle, Hunter – NSW

GOLD: Mitchell Cook, Canberra – ACT
SILVER: Anton La Palombara, Tasmania – TAS
BRONZE: Christopher Just, Ballarat/Wimmera – VIC

GOLD: Dylan Di Martino, Melbourne – VIC
SILVER: Sam Glisson, Ballarat/Wimmera – VIC
BRONZE: Sam Gifford, Riverina Murray – NSW

GOLD: Harley Clements, Perth North – WA
SILVER: Steve Galluccio, Adelaide – SA
BRONZE: Clinton Levy, Melbourne – VIC

Wall & Floor Tiling
GOLD: Jarett Lim, Perth South – WA
SILVER: Daniel Picariello, Adelaide – SA
BRONZE: Mick Ivey, Perth North – WA


Beauty Care
GOLD: Stacy Romanowski, Sydney West – NSW
SILVER: Krystle Harvey, Victoria Country – VIC
BRONZE: Jessica Squires-Moffitt, Southern Queensland – QLD

Fashion Technology
GOLD: Julia Wood, Perth North – WA
SILVER: Emma Hillier, Sydney West – NSW
BRONZE: Alice Litzow, Brisbane – QLD

GOLD: Jessica Peters, Sydney West – NSW
SILVER: Natahlia Brandt, Melbourne – VIC
BRONZE: Lydia Watson, Victoria Country – VIC

GOLD: Gemma Edwards, Mid Coast – NSW
SILVER: Hayley Parker, Geelong – VIC
BRONZE: Jake Putan, Hunter – NSW


Business Services
GOLD: Alexandra Knight, Wide Bay – QLD
SILVER: Kimberly Chown, Canberra – ACT
BRONZE: Rhianna Reid, Sydney West – NSW

Printing & Graphic Arts
GOLD: Ellen Savige, Victoria Country – VIC
SILVER: Dale Fisher, Melbourne – VIC
BRONZE: Helen Kilpatrick, Southern Queensland – QLD

Web Design
 Harlan Wilton, Sydney West – NSW
SILVER: Chi Hieu (Jack) Nguyen, Sydney – NSW
BRONZE: Tom Claasz, Sydney – NSW


GOLD: Joshua Mason, Sydney – NSW
SILVER: Chris Malone, Perth North – WA
BRONZE: Anthony Wilksch, Geelong – VIC

Restaurant Service
GOLD: Samantha Johnson, Sydney – NSW
SILVER: Leisha Young, South West WA – WA
BRONZE: Vichealy Lyly Cheng, Brisbane – QLD

Retail Baking – Bread
GOLD: John Reminis, Illawarra – NSW
SILVER: Christopher Kirkpatrick, Perth South – WA
BRONZE: Aidan Hauptli, Brisbane – QLD

Retail Baking – Pastry
GOLD: Adele Di Bella, Sydney – NSW
SILVER: Laura Mackwell, Perth South – WA
BRONZE: Mikayla Brightling – Illawarra – NSW

Retail Butchery
GOLD: Byron Allsopp, Wide Bay – QLD
SILVER: Lachlan Kerr, Illawarra – NSW
BRONZE: Joshua Webb, Tasmania – TAS


Construction Steel Work
GOLD: Jed Sparks, Southern Queensland – QLD
SILVER: Scott Brown, Illawarra – NSW
BRONZE: Michael James, Riverina Murray, NSW

Engineering Excellence Team Challenge
GOLD: Todd Fitzsimmons and Brock Goodwin, Hunter – NSW
SILVER: Bradley Clark and Matthew Luttrell, Tasmania – TAS
BRONZE: Shari Hunt and Matthew King, Spencer Gulf – SA

GOLD: Kelvin Marquand, Ballarat/Wimmera – VIC
SILVER: Daniel Smith, Spencer Gulf – SA
BRONZE: Hatady Ain, North West WA – WA

GOLD: Jyothi Forman, Melbourne – VIC
SILVER: Douglas Ely, Sydney West – NSW
BRONZE: Samantha Kelly, Adelaide – SA

GOLD: Jake Barton and Luke Diaz, Geelong – VIC
SILVER: Lyle Davis and Peter Johnson, Macquarie – NSW
BRONZE: Ben Brown and James Dyson, Hunter – NSW

Sheetmetal Work
GOLD: Thomas Crittenden, Hunter – NSW
SILVER: Harrison Denford, Sydney – NSW
BRONZE: Hamish Chamley, Tasmania – TAS

GOLD: Matt Sawers, Illawarra – NSW
SILVER: Joseph Pauley, Perth South – WA
BRONZE: James Kelly, Macquarie – NSW

GOLD: Kallon McVicar, Illawarra – NSW
SILVER: Nathan Kelly, Macquarie – NSW
BRONZE: Elton Stewart-Murray, Tasmania – TAS


VETiS Automotive Services
GOLD: Luke Staunton, NSW
SILVER: Samuel Brown, QLD
BRONZE: Dale Duffy, QLD

VETiS Business Services
GOLD: Katelyn Dwyer, NSW
SILVER: Renae Anderson, NSW
BRONZE: Shenae Smith, WA

VETiS Commercial Cookery
GOLD: Lucy Whitehurst, NSW
SILVER: Nataya Currie-Ritchie, NSW
BRONZE: Samantha Bennett, NT

VETiS Construction
GOLD: Lucas Hammond, VIC
SILVER: Mitchell Baird, NSW
BRONZE: Alex Ramsay, NSW

VETiS Electrotechnology
GOLD: Steven Butler, NSW
SILVER: Jake Clayton, NSW
BRONZE: Adam Keilar, WA

VETiS Food & Beverage
GOLD: Skyla Stewart, NT
SILVER: Amy Pittman, NSW
BRONZE: Georgia Westcott, NSW

VETiS Metals & Engineering
GOLD: Zak Biggin, VIC
SILVER: Benjamin Hicks, NSW
BRONZE: Alex Cormack, NSW

VETiS Primary Industries
GOLD: Kate Sandford, NSW
SILVER: Georgina Murdoch, NSW
BRONZE: Caleb Allen, NSW

VETiS Retail
GOLD: Kodie Schuler, QLD
SILVER: Ebin Kunnummel, NSW
BRONZE: Stephanie Po-Myat, NSW

VETiS Tourism
GOLD: Elysia Brand, NSW
SILVER: Nick Forsyth, QLD
BRONZE: Louise Austin, NT