2018 Regional Workshop

Our annual workshop for WorldSkills Australia regional coordinators took place last weekend. Representatives from 34 regions from across Australia were in Melbourne to develop strategies, agree on policy and process and share best practices in preparation for our 2019 Regional competition cycle that will kick off in less than 100 days’ time.

Our focus was on improving consistency in areas such as marking, progression, equipment and material, the competitor experience, marketing and sponsorship. We also spent time talking about professional development programs for our volunteers who manage and judge the regional competitions. And of course, funding was a constant theme.

In total, we had more than 300 years of volunteer time/experience in the room, and as always I’m in awe of the commitment of our wonderful WorldSkills volunteer workforce.

We finished the weekend with an emphasis on being the organisation we aspire to be and not just where we are today. I feel our future is very bright and I left the workshop feeling excited and invigorated by both the level of passion and commitment and the opportunities to do great things together!