Alex Rupe

Volunteer of the Month

Alex Rupe, known to many as ‘Mr WorldSkills’, has been involved with WSA since 2005. A cabinetmaker by trade, Alex has devoted the past eight years to encouraging young people to test their skills in WorldSkills competitions, this is as well as his instrumental involvement in the preparation and planning of Cabinetmaking competitions in Western Australia.

Alex served his apprenticeship in the Railway Workshops in Midland as a Coach Builder. This is where he learned to make and repair furniture. He was also a founding member of the Cabinetmakers Association of WA. He is now a life member and is still actively involved in the association to this day.

Since retiring from cabinetmaking in 2006, he has taken on a casual role as a Cabinetmaking Lecturer at Polytechnic West. In his spare time, Alex can be found volunteering for WSA and mentoring the next crop of up-and-coming cabinetmakers. Alex has worked as a volunteer at the last three National Competitions. He was involved in the training of the 2012 Western Australian team, travelling over 120kms every Wednesday for 12 weeks to ensure that the team was prepared for the competition that awaited them.

He has been nominated by Fiona Johnson, WorldSkills Australia State Manager for Western Australia, for his extreme passion and dedication. WorldSkills Australia would like to thank Alex for his commitment, enthusiasm and ongoing support.