Andrew Hosking

Volunteer of the Month

Andrew Hoskings, known as ‘Tiger’ to some, has been involved with WorldSkills Australia (WSA) for many years. In the more recent years Andrew has taken on the role of judge in the bricklaying category at WSA National Competitions. In addition to fulfilling his role as a judge, Andrew is constantly doing everything he can in order to ensure the category runs as smoothly as possible, so when it comes to mixing the mortar for all of the competitors, Andrew is the first to put his hand up.

More recently, Andrew also attended the 42nd WorldSkills International Competition in Leipzig which saw him helping out each of the bricklaying competitors and judges wherever he could. During every lunch break and at the end of each competition day, Andrew cleaned each of the 24 saws. As a result the saws were operating more efficiently for the competitors.

On top of this Andrew also travels around the South East QLD area at his own expense to help out with Try’aSkill events and to judge regional competitions. Manager of WorldSkills Queensland, Tony Wright explains, “It is not uncommon for Andrew to leave his home in Gympie at 3:30am and return after 10:00pm, just so that he can be there to assist us with our regional competitions.”

WorldSkills Australia would like to sincerely thank and acknowledge Andrew for his passion and enthusiasm for the organisation and for his continued support.