Australian Apprenticeship Ambassador: Scott Shearan

Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador Scott Shearan knows the first-hand value in investing in an Australian Apprenticeship.

“To be successful in my trade,” Scott explains, “you need to be open to learning new things, always be switched on, and constantly be on top of the game. It is also really important to be prepared to learn new technology, it’s always changing.”

Scott’s skill is Auto Electrical, and after years of hard work, he has retained numerous qualifications in the automotive sector, including, but not limited to; Certificate IV Automotive Electrical Technology, Certificate III Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, and a Certificate III Automotive Electrical Technology.

After training at TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute, Scott received the Gold Medal at the 2016 WorldSkills Australia National Competition held in Melbourne, and is now working at Powers Road Auto Electrical Services PTY LTD.

Scott says that the best advice that he can give is to “Just try your hardest and don’t give up, it will get tough, but in the end it will pay off.”

And that is exactly what he has done. Most recently, Scott has been appointed as an Australian Apprenticeship Ambassador.

“Being an Australian Ambassador means that I get to share my story with others, and be a positive role model,” says Scott. “I’m very excited about this opportunity and I look forward to representing Australia and be a good ambassador for [the nation] and everything that comes along with it.”

A proud and determined Australian

Scott was offered the opportunity to become an Australian Apprenticeship Ambassador after winning the Gold Medal at the WorldSkills Australia National Competition.

“I am really proud of both Australia and my trade. I aim to work hard to give Auto Electrical a positive reputation.”

From meeting people to building a strong work ethic, Scott says that this experience has really helped him become more confident when trying new things. “I’ve learnt that it’s okay to make mistakes and to not be embarrassed about it.”

Scott says that his best piece of advice to give to others that are hoping to undertake an Australian Apprenticeship is to not hold back, to be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them, and most importantly, to ask as many questions as possible.

Looking to the future

Scott was also one of the sixteen National Competition medallists who have been selected to take part in the BBM Youth Support Award for Skilled Futures $8k Award to further their training and professional development through work experience in the UK next year.

“Through the BBM Award, I look forward to working with a major company within the electric vehicle field and learn as much as I can off those companies, and hopefully become a major stakeholder in the company. After that, I hope to possibly come back to Australia and open up my own business.”

“It’s difficult, I’m not too sure what to say because it is just all happening! Anything can happen!”

Joining the leaders in their field

Being an Australian Apprenticeship Ambassador, Scott joins the likes of popular sportspersons, acclaimed chefs, and television personalities such as Kevin Sheedy, Neil Perry and Scott Cam.

The Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors Program aims to raise the status of the Australian apprenticeships system by showcasing real success stories. The Ambassadors speak to school leavers, career changers, educators and industry at a range of events about the personal and professional benefits of pursuing an apprenticeship.


If you are interested in an Australian Apprenticeship and how to get started, contact your local Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider.


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