Australia’s Skills Squad to compete in inaugural WorldSkills Oceania Competition

Media Release

WorldSkills Australia is sending 28 of the country’s best and brightest trades and skills stars to Hamilton, New Zealand, on 14 April to compete in the first ever WorldSkills Oceania Competition.

WorldSkills Australia is the nation’s premier platform for showcasing trades and skills through regional and national competitions. These young competitors earned their place on the 2015 Skills Squad by proving themselves with their medal winning performances at the 2014 WorldSkills Australia National Competition in Perth. They have since undertaken months of intensive training in preparation for the WorldSkills Oceania Competition.

In addition to providing the Skills Squad with more valuable training, the WorldSkills Oceania Competition is an important step in the team’s journey: This will be the final deciding factor determining who will represent Australia as a Skillaroo at the 2015 WorldSkills Competition in São Paulo, Brazil.

“After many months of individual training, the WorldSkills Oceania Competition will provide an opportunity for all Skills Squad members to test themselves against international competition in a format that replicates as closely as possible what they can expect in Brazil,” says WorldSkills Australia CEO, Mark Callaghan.

WorldSkills Australia has been at the forefront of promoting vocational education and training within Australia, working to shift perceptions and create an understanding that trades and skills based careers are a vital part of the local economy. Trades and skills competitions such as the 2015 WorldSkills Oceania Competition play an important role in fostering relationships and cooperation amongst governments, industry and the training sector.

“It is hoped that WorldSkills Australia can work with our colleagues in the Asia Pacific region to continue to highlight the importance of skills excellence in economies and communities.”

For more information please contact:
Devon LaSalle
Communications & PR Coordinator
03 9249 1000