BBM awardees to depart for UK in 19 days

On the 16th of June, 16 of Australia’s elite trade and skill technicians will embark on a two-week trip of a lifetime to the United Kingdom, after being selected to be part of the BBM Skilled Futures Program. The program will see these highly skilled young professionals participate in a leadership and development program facilitated by Mission Performance. This is then followed by an extensive international work experience placement, which will enable them to develop and advance further in their trade and industry.

The 2013 Skilled Futures Program team were selected after their medal winning performances at the WorldSkills Australia (WSA) National Competition held in Sydney last year, which hosted 500 of Australia’s highest achieving trainees and apprentices.

Over the course of the two week program, recipients will face a series of mentally and physically challenging team activities including a sinking ship simulator, mountain biking and trekking. Another important component of this course is the Strength Deployment Inventory, a self assessment tool which will analyse the behaviours and personalities of each team member.

BBM Ltd has maintained a longstanding relationship with WSA and is a prominent international pathway for the organisation, since first partnering in 2000. Together the organisations have worked to develop and enrich the lives of Australia’s young and talented, by granting them the opportunity to enhance their career prospects overseas.

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