BBM recipient returns home from UK work experience

James Ripa has recently returned home from a six week stint across the UK where he participated in the BBM Skilled Futures Program and extensive work placements.

James was chosen to participate in the 2013 BBM Skilled Futures Program following his impressive medal winning performance in the Heavy Vehicle Mechanics category at the 2012 WorldSkills Australia National Competition, Sydney.

After completing the program, James was able to obtain work experience in three Cummins engine factories in various parts of the UK, “This was a great opportunity as I currently work for Cummins in Australia, in a service facility where I carry out maintenance and repairs to diesel engines and machines,” said James.

The first week of James’ work experience was spent at Cummins Darlington Engine Plant. During his time there, James was able to see every aspect of the business, “I was given the opportunity to work with various teams including engineers, customer support and technicians. I also experienced how well they work with each other to design and build engines to a high standard for global sales.”

Whilst at Cummins Darlington Engine Plant, James learnt how to create the base design of engines, test components strength and complete endurance and emission testing on all engines.

“Experiencing all of these areas has clarified many recurring issues I face on a day to day basis. It has helped me to improve my skills and knowledge which I will implement to my work back in Australia,” James believes.

James completed the second week of his work experience at Cummins Distribution, Wellingborough, where he was given the opportunity to work on train engines, discuss concerns with customers and speak to high school students about career pathways.

“At Cummins Distribution I worked with various sections of the branch which is similar to the Sydney branch that I work at, as it is a service and rebuild facility, servicing different engine models in different applications.”

On his final week of placement, James visited Cummins Daventry Engine Plant for a full factory line and spare parts warehouse tour with the Plant Production Manager. During the tour James was able to experience the entire machining process of the engine block, gain knowledge about product issues and work with the tear-down team who diagnose, repair and rebuild faulty engines that are found in the test stages.

“My work experience with Cummins has led me to work around the design, engineering, field testing and production of our current and future diesel engines. I have also learnt new skills and techniques in various areas of the industry, all of which I can use to help further my career,” said James.