Day two of competition

After what was a mentally and physically exhausting day one for the team,  the Skillaroos arrived on site  today refreshed and ready to tackle day two of competition. This time with the added knowledge of what to expect and exactly what they have to do.

Many of the projects are now starting to take shape, Jessamy Mooney has already completed three hair design challenges, the Manufacturing Team Challenge boys have almost completed the body of their solar powered plastic bottle and can crusher and Andrew McCormick has been busily buffing and spraying a number of car panels.

“Day two has been good, today I worked on transforming a basic image design into a fully responsive web page. I have now completed four modules, which means I am half way through all of my challenges. I have found the workload quite intense and have been pushed for time since I started. Having said that, I’m feeling confident about what I have been able to achieve and I hope I am able to keep up this pace for the next two days,” says Mitchell LaRosa of his day two experience.

View all of the images and video footage from day two of competition.