Electrical Installations Skillaroo in Japan

The 2013 Team Australia Skillaroos have been training tirelessly over the past four months, since their selection into Team Australia was announced in mid-November, 2012. As part of their training regiments, the team will be engaging in international training where possible.

David Cummings, the 2013 Skillaroo who is set to compete in the Electrical Installations category, was invited to take part in a friendly challenge with the Japanese competitor who will also be travelling to Leipzig in July this year.

David flew into Osaka for the challenge and was warmly welcomed by his Japanese hosts. Whilst there, David with his Expert, Dave Arnold, were treated to some sightseeing. David found the experience to be: “A great learning experience. Whilst I was familiar with the materials that were provided by the Japanese for the challenge, I had never used them in my work or training.”