Final Day of Competition

Greeted and cheered on by a cohort of green and gold official ‘Skillaroo Supporters’, the team proudly walked into the venue for the final day of the 42nd WorldSkills International Competition today.

Before heading to their respective category areas, the Skillaroos joined together for what was their most energetic and passionate team chant yet.

From the time the clock started each Skillaroo was frantically rushing to complete their final modules and put the finishing touches on all of the work they were to submit to the category experts.

The day was filled with laughter and tears as family, friends and supporters rushed around the four enormous competition halls at the Leipzig Messe in order to be there to applaud each and every team member as they completed their projects.

“It’s a massive relief, this has been the hardest four days of my life. I’m happy with most of the work but there was definitely room for improvement. I’ve learnt a lot, particularly considering this was the first time Australia has competed in my category, but we have done a lot with it and this experience will put Australia in good stride for the next competition,” said Brandon Gillett of the Polymechanics/Automation category.

View the images and watch the WSA video episode from the final day of competition.