Getting ready for Regional Competitions

2017 marks a new cycle of competitions and this year we know it’s going to be a big one for the Perth South Region.

It’s been 2 years since the last round of Regional Competitions so here is a quick summary to bring you up to speed on how you can get involved.


If you feel you have the talent and commitment to put your skills on the line, then congratulations! You already have the makings of a successful competitor. Your skills will be tested in a one-day competition environment, where you will be asked to complete a practical project (aligned to your training) under timed conditions.

Your project and skills will be marked by judges from industry and training organisations. The top three competitors are awarded gold, silver and bronze medals and receive a Medal Certificate. All competitors will receive a Certificate of Participation which can be added to a portfolio to show employers that you are the kind of employee who strives for excellence.

The date and time of the competition is determined by the host (Convenor). All you need to do is Register Your Interest to compete and we will acknowledge receipt and let you know when and where the competition will be run.

We will also supply you with Pre-Competition information including a list of equipment that you will need to bring on the day of competition.

Want more information?  View a list of benefits of why you should compete!


Each region can run as many or as few competition categories as they want from around the end of March to the end of October. However, each WorldSkills Australia region can only run one competition in each category. Sometimes, especially with Perth North Region and Perth South Region being so close together, the Regional Competitions will be combined as one event.

At this stage, it is likely that the competition categories from the Automotive Service skill cluster will be run in September at one event. Watch this space!

Most of the competitions will run in the second half of the year. Pre-Competition information, which details what competitors should expect at the competition, should be available from around mid-March.

View a full list of competition categories available.


Competitor employers are a great source of support for competitors. Often talented competitors are nominated by lecturers but won’t take the final plunge until their employers get on board to encourage them.

There are many benefits to having employees compete against their peers. Find out more here. If you have any questions about the Regional Competition, or what it involves, please do not hesitate to contact the Main Regional Coordinator.


Our best talent scouts! We have an army of committed and passionate lecturers who can spot the developing skills in our future competitors and encourage them to apply. Many lecturers also double as our Regional Competition Convenors, so don’t be discouraged if you haven’t heard of a competition in your industry or region.

Our Main Regional Coordinator will get you started with some information about what the Regional Competition involves, a full Competition Pack, which outlines all requirements and tasks for the competition and contact with experienced convenors, who can provide advice. We can also help you source judges and volunteers and will do all the administration for the Regional Competition (managing applications, issuing results, distributing certificates etc).


Our Volunteers are our life-blood and we could not run the number of competitions that we do without them. Volunteers help on the ground with running Regional Competitions, set up resources or even judge. Volunteering is a great way of meeting like-minded enthusiasts from your industry and helping to support our future workforce. If you are interested in helping out, then register your interest and our Main Regional Coordinator will be in touch. Thanks for your interest!


The WorldSkills Australia Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) program is a series of work-simulated projects based on industry standard frameworks which are designed and administered by practising teachers and industry professionals.

VETiS competitions operate on the same two-year cycle as WorldSkills Australia’s Regional Competitions. The VETiS Regional Competitions are open for students who are enrolled in the first year of a VET course in secondary schools.

View more information about VETiS categories.

We look forward to seeing you at the Regional Competitions this year!