Ian Ross

Ian first became involved with WorldSkills Australia in Western Australia in 1992 and has not missed a competition since.

Since a very young age, Ian has always been interested in and associated with the automotive industry. At the age of 14, he started working in his uncle’s garage, which is where he learnt everything there is to know about cars. Over the last 20 years, Ian has brought his experience and passion to assist WA in all of their automotive mechanics competitions.

Ian is also a part-time assessor for the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers (IAME) and an honorary member.

This year, as every regional year, Ian was front and centre of the automotive mechanics competitions but in a different role, this time as a mentor to a new head judge. Despite being officially retired, Ian spent two days at the judges’ table during the event, passing on his knowledge and considerable experience to the new head judge.

WorldSkills Australia would like to recognise Ian for his dedication, commitment and passion, and thank him once again for his hard work in helping apprentices in their quest to aim for the highest standards.