International Competition Update

On 31 May, WorldSkills International, in agreement with WorldSkills Members, WorldSkills Shanghai 2022 Executive Bureau, and WorldSkills China, announced the cancellation of WorldSkills Shanghai 2022 due to the pandemic.

Following this decision, WorldSkills International and its Members and Global Partners immediately began planning alternative opportunities for the Competitors preparing for WorldSkills Competition 2022.

The expertise and resourcefulness of the WorldSkills global network will collaborate to host the official skill competitions in a variety of countries and regions. These skill competitions are collectively known as WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition (WSC2022SE). This will be the official replacement for WorldSkills Shanghai 2022.

WorldSkills International is currently working with its Partners and 15 Member countries and regions to organize the individual skill competitions. In July, the exact dates and location of each skill competition will be announced. Over 1,100 Competitors from 57 countries and regions are expected to participate.

“We are delighted by the enthusiasm and commitment shown by the WorldSkills Members and Partners to ensure that our Competitors have an international WorldSkills experience in 2022,” said Chris Humphries, President and Chair of the Board. “We know that WorldSkills Competitions have a positive impact showcasing and motivating more young people to develop their technical and vocational skills. This will still provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Competitors and benchmarking for Members. Accordingly, we are so pleased to be able to deliver a special edition Competition in 2022.”

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