March Update

While February is a short month it was certainly an extremely busy one and March promises to be even busier in the world of skills and indeed in the world of WorldSkills. Planning continues at the National office level for the 2014 WSA National Competition to be held in Perth later this year and, as this is the first time the competition has returned to Perth for the first time in 25 years, the excitement is building at the local level.

As the overall event planning proceeds, the major focus of the WSA regions is the preparation of teams and competitors. Several regions are holding medal presentation ceremonies and are using these as a start point for their preparations. Team members are meeting each other, their team leaders and training plans are being developed. Other regions are organising (or have had) training or skills development camps. All activity is geared towards preparing all competitors so that they have the best opportunity to compete to the best of their abilities come September.

In the meantime, WSA is involved in other events promoting skills. From the final AuSkills session held in Karratha to World Plumbing Day events being held at the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre in Melbourne. Events like these are important events on the skills calendar and serve to continue to raise the awareness of the opportunities available via VET pathways.

Finally, TAFE Directors Association recently launched their TAFE National Achievement Scholarships. Any recognition of excellence in VET, through programs such as WorldSkills Australia, and now, the TAFE National Achievement Scholarships is extremely important in helping to build more of skills respect culture and in making Australians aware that those who follow a VET pathway will develop and possess the nation building skills required to build and maintain strong communities and a strong economy.