Message from the CEO: Regional Competitions

WorldSkills Australia recognise and champion the notion that the vocational education and training sector is central to our nation’s economic growth, productivity and future employment outcomes. Everyone involved with WorldSkills Australia works tirelessly to encourage students of all ages to excel in their chosen field and walk their own path to success.

Committees are filled with dedicated and passionate volunteers who work tirelessely to organise these opportunities for the thousands of apprentices, trainees and students. Success at the regional competitions can open up opportunities for sponsorship, employment and further training and career progression.

This first step on any WorldSkills journey is an extremely vital and important one. As such, we wanted to take the opportunity this month to acknowledge and say thank you for the hard work and accomplishments of all our volunteer Regional Committees, local trainers/mentors and State Managers. We also wanted to give a deeper insight into the activities of each region to shine a light on how participating in and coordinating regional competitions culminates in uncovering and nurturing our nation’s best and brightest.

We hope our Regional focus edition provides a greater understanding of how hard the volunteers work to make the entire process run, from regional, to national to international. Each moment along the WorldSkills journey is an important one, but every journey needs to start at the beginning. If you are someone who is thinking of competing or you know someone who you think should compete, we encourage you to look at the upcoming Regional Competition schedule and who knows, this could be the starting point of a once in a lifetime journey!