October Update

In the midst of footy finals, the National Rugby League (NRL) recently hosted a Welcome Home Function for the 2013 Team Australia Skillaroos at Rugby League Central in Sydney.

It was a great opportunity to catch up with competitors and experts from Team Australia as well as to further develop our relationship with the NRL. As with many professional sportsmen and women, rugby league players careers are limited – and again , like many sports, rugby league players often commence their footballing careers at an early age. That is why programs such as the NRL’s Welfare and Education program and the Trading Up program (the NRL’s apprenticeship mentoring program) are important initiatives.

In many ways, the 2013 Team Australia Skillaroos are like elite rugby league players. They have all made many sacrifices, have trained tirelessly and continue to work towards honing their skills.

WSA looks forward to further developing our relationship with the NRL to promote the benefits and opportunities that are available via a VET pathway. Hopefully our Skill Champions can inspire future NRL players to pursue a VET pathway and ensure that they are armed with the skills to build a career post-rugby league.