Our Board Members on International Women’s Day

WorldSkills Australia’s Board of Directors play an important role in shaping our social enterprise. They have relationships with vital vocational education & training organisations around Australia and internationally, and they make valuable contributions to WorldSkills and skills training in Australia.

Jeanette Allen – Board Member 


“In today’s world women can aspire to be and do anything they want, their careers will take many directions and there is nothing better than having an apprenticeship or trade as the foundation of their career. I wouldn’t have achieved the career successes I have without that foundation of an apprenticeship.”


Coralie Morrissey – Board Member

“I have been a long time supporter of training and hiring women to do skilled trade work.  Apart from the benefits of diversification and avoidance of any labour shortages, skilled women in traditional trades can provide a different perspective and insight to the requirements of what consumers require.  Today we have many female designers and creators of consumer products, having skilled women to interpret those designs and products can be appealing to the female consumers in today’s world.”


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