_National Careers Institute


The National Careers Institute (NCI) was established to ensure people have access to authoritative and accurate careers information and support irrespective of their age or career stage.

Their vision is to be Australia’s recognised source of independent and impartial careers information.

The foundation of NCI’s work is the world-leading labour market intelligence provided by the National Skills Commission.

The strategic direction of this work is guided by the NCI Advisory Board. Members of the board represent a diverse cross section of Australian business, industry, and education providers.

Since NCI commenced on 1 July 2019, they have:

They also administer the Training.gov.au website and the My Skills website.

NCI was formed by the Australian Government through its 2019-20 Federal Budget measure, Delivering Skills for Today and Tomorrow which lays the foundation for the Government’s commitment to strengthening and modernising the national skills and careers sectors.