Practice Makes Flawless

Lily Campbell, a skin therapist apprentice from Riverina Murray in New South Wales, is currently training for the chance to represent Australia at the world’s largest vocational skills competition – WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017.

Lily’s journey is supported by WorldSkills Gold Partner Dermalogica, the world’s number one professional skincare brand.  To assist therapists like Lily to continue to learn their trade no matter where they are in the world, Dermalogica are taking their award-winning education workshops into the digital space with the introduction of an online streaming service.

As a professional skincare line founded on the concept of educating and empowering skin therapists, Dermalogica have long supported emerging skin therapists by providing free education workshops to allow them to build on their skillset and knowledge.

This innovation allows the brand to take their core concept into the digital age and assist apprentices such as Lily and her peers in regional Australia who are unable to access one of Dermalogica’s Education Centres.

This new service, known as ‘D Streaming’ will soon be available to Dermalogica’s network of professional Skin Therapists to stream anywhere in the world.