Prysmian Apprenticeships

Matthew Arblaster, is a 2nd year fitting and machining apprentice at local cable manufacturer, Prysmian Australia and New Zealand.

Knowing that a desk job wasn’t his calling, Matt was looking for something more hands on when he finished high school. After learning about apprenticeships at Prysmian, he was invited to complete one week of work experience within their maintenance team, “I knew I wanted something hands on, but wasn’t sure about which trade, so getting experience in both the Fitting and Electrician areas was great.”

Matt expressed that due to having no prior experience with such specialised machinery, as is used at Prysmian, “every day is different, because there is a vast array of issues that can arise.” But he says the good relationship between Apprentices and Tradesman, ensures they always have help when needed, “there’s no segregation, everyone sees eye to eye, and we get the job done.”

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