Russell Routledge

Volunteer of the Month

WorldSkills Australia would like to place the ‘Volunteer of the Month’ spotlight on Russell Routledge, our 2011 Team Australia Skillaroo in Sheetmetal technology and ongoing dedicated WSA volunteer.

Russell has recently returned from Canberra, where he spent the last week assisting WorldSkills Australia in the ‘Inspiration Hub’ at the Floriade festival. Russell dedicated an entire week to help out in running a Try’aSkill demonstration which featured the innovative Lincoln Electric 3D virtual welding simulator. Over six days Russell shared his expert metal work skills with hundreds of people who were interested in giving welding a go.

This isn’t the first time Russell has dedicated his time to assist WSA, Russell has also been a  guest speaker at some of the Australian Government’s Jobs and Skills Expo’s, many of which he has travelled hours to get to.

Through these Jobs and Skills Expo’s Russell has shared his story of completing an Australian Apprenticeship and excelling through WorldSkills competitions, inspiring thousands of job seekers in Queensland to consider a skill or trade pathway.

WorldSkills Australia would like to thank Russell for his passion, dedication and commitment to continue to give back to WSA.