Mechatronics (PLC Programming) Competition

Mechatronics technicians apply their knowledge of engineering to solve technical problems and maintain automated mechanical equipment. They work beside engineers and scientists, often assisting in the research and development of production. Mechatronics involves working with constantly evolving technology in the industrial automation realm, and more broadly across the electrotechnology industry. Programming programmable controllers and fault finding are core skills required of those who wish to work in this fast paced and exciting industry sector.


  • Have a strong background in computer technology
  • Are interested in technical and engineering work
  • Can work cooperatively as part of a team and have good communication skills
  • Have a capacity for creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Are interested in mechanical equipment, physics and mathematics
  • Have an eye for design


The WorldSkills Australia Mechatronics (PLC Programming) Competitions begin at a grass roots level in one of 34 Australian regions. The Mechatronics (PLC Programming) Regional Competitions test the skills and knowledge of 4000+ apprentices, trainees and students, who have the opportunity to win gold, silver and bronze medals and gain the chance to go on to compete at a national level.

WorldSkills Australia competitions operate on a two-year cycle. The next Mechatronics (PLC Programming) Regional Competition rounds are now running across the country. 2018 and 2020 are the next National Championship years.

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Training Package Requirements

The 2018 WorldSkills Australia Mechatronics Competitions are aligned to the National Training Package UEE11 – Electrotechnology Training Package (Release 1.5).

Regional Competition

Training Package Requirements – Regional Level

The 2018 WorldSkills Australia Regional Mechatronics Competition is aligned to the following Units of Competency (Elements of Competency and Performance Criteria) contained in the UEE63011 – Advanced Diploma of Electrical Systems Engineering (Release 4).

  • UEENEEI150A – Develop, enter and verify discrete control programs for programmable controllers
  • UEENEEI151A – Develop, enter and verify word and analogue control programs for programmable logic controllers

Regional Tasks

Competitors will be required to set-up, program and commission a programmable controller to achieve a preset sequence for an electro-pneumatic model whilst adhering to all WHS requirements.

Regionals Competition Duration

6 hours – 1 day

National Competition

Training Package Requirements – National Level

The 2018 WorldSkills Australia National Mechatronics Competition is aligned to the following Units of Competency (Elements of Competency and Performance Criteria) contained in the UEE63011 – Advanced Diploma of Electrical Systems Engineering (Release 4).

In addition to the Regional requirements, the National also includes:

  • UEENEEI138A – Provide solutions to extra low voltage (ELV) electro-pneumatic control systems and drives
  • UEENEEG108A – Troubleshoot and repair faults in low voltage electrical apparatus and circuits

National Tasks

Competitors at the National competition compete in teams of two. They work together to complete a variety of programming tasks of a more complex nature than the regional.  Teams will be required to undertake a fault-finding task on typical electrotechnology equipment associated with industrial automation.

Tasks include:

  • Connect and terminate inputs/outputs of their PLC
  • Commission the production unit(s) ensuring correct operation and set up for optimum performance
  • Maintain the production unit(s), by fault-finding and correcting any problems that will become evident during this operating period
  • Keep an operational log for the production unit(s) during the competition
  • Program your supplied PLC’s to operate the production unit(s) as per a supplied design brief and implement required programming changes/modifications as required
  • Perform all tasks under strict time constraints, to an acceptable and specified standard, while constantly maintaining appropriate safety standards.

Nationals Competition Duration

20.5 hours – 3 days

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