Programming Competition

Programming is all about creating software that solves the problems faced by a business. This software is created by software developers/programmers who are responsible for interpreting the business’ requirements and build a program that fulfils their needs.

Typical software solutions will involve creating a single, holistic program (Windows desktop application) to replace a collection of inefficient solutions such as a series of Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and paper-based documents. A developer will refer to a system specification that lists all the different sections/functions of the program and they will then start to plan and build their program.


  • Enjoy the challenge of an ever-changing working environment
  • Are creative and enjoy designing and developing software
  • Enjoy ongoing review and research of the application of new technology
  • Enjoy the challenges posed by computer technology, including keeping up-to-date with new software and applications
  • Have technical aptitude
  • Like problem-solving
  • Can work under pressure
  • Enjoy working in a collaborative environment


The WorldSkills Australia Programming Competitions begin at a grass roots level in one of 34 Australian regions. The Programming Regional Competitions test the skills and knowledge of 4000+ apprentices, trainees and students, who have the opportunity to win gold, silver and bronze medals and gain the chance to go on to compete at a national level.

WorldSkills Australia competitions operate on a two-year cycle. The next Programming Regional Competition rounds are now running across the country. 2018 and 2020 are the next National Championship years.

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Training Package Requirements

The WorldSkills Australia Programming competitions are aligned to the ICT Information and Communications Technology (Release 3.1) Training Package.

Regional Competition

Training Package Requirements – Regional Level

The 2018 WorldSkills Australia Regional Competition for Programming align to the following Units of Competency (Elements of Competency and Performance Criteria) contained in the ICT40515 Certificate IV in Programming Qualification:

  • ICTPRG403 – Develop data driven applications
  • ICTPRG404 – Test applications
  • ICTPRG405 – Automate processes
  • ICTPRG407 – Write script for software applications
  • ICTPRG409 – Develop mobile applications
  • ICTPRG412 – Configure and maintain databases
  • ICTPRG413 – Use a library or pre-existing components
  • ICTPRG415 – Apply skills in object orientated design
  • ICTPRG418 – Apply intermediate programming skills in another language
  • ICTPRG527 – Apply intermediate object orientated language skills
  • ICTPRG419 – Analyse software requirements
  • ICTDBS403 – Create basic databases
  • ICTICT420 – Develop client user interface
  • ICTICT408 – Create technical documentation
  • ICTSAD501 – Model data objects
  • ICTSAD502 – Model data processes

Regional Tasks

The competition uses MySQL or SQL server as the backend component. The competitor may be required to create, modify or design a relational database including:

  • Create tables: add, edit, delete, set properties
  • Check and define relational aspects: define relationships between tables/entities
  • Integrate data: import data from a variety of sources
  • Design and create a Windows desktop application to meet specified requirements (the front-end has been designed to use .NET or Java environment):
    • User experience
    • Database integration
    • Validation and error checking
    • Forms
    • Business logic
    • Reporting
    • Integration
    • Using communication and sales skills

Regionals Competition Duration

4-6 hours – 1 day

National Competition

Training Package Requirements – National Level

The 2018 WorldSkills Australia National Championships for Programming align to the following Units of Competency (Elements of Competency and Performance Criteria) contained in the in the ICT40515 Certificate IV in Programming Qualification.

In addition to the Regional requirements, the National also requires:

  • ICTPRG402 – Apply query language
  • ICTPRG406 – Apply introductory object-oriented language skills
  • ICTPRG410 – Build a user interface
  • ICTPRG414 – Apply introductory prograing skills in another language

National Tasks

This is a competition for Windows desktop application developers to produce either a .NET (any language, e.g. C#) or Java solution. The competitor will be given a business scenario in which they will need to develop a holistic/integrated solution that satisfies business requirements.

The competitor will be required to create a single application made up of multiple forms/sections, each handling a different area of functionality. The forms will need to provide an easy‐to-use graphical user interface (GUI) with business logic code running behind it to take form input and perform calculations/manipulation. A database will be provided (either Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL) to interact with, for example to list/add/edit/delete customers or to perform statistical analysis such as a total amount from orders in a month.

Nationals Competition Duration

18 hours – 3 days

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