VETiS Commercial Cookery

Cookery is the artistry of food. These skilled professionals combine a range of different ingredients and treat them with various cooking methods to create tasty and enjoyable meals. If you believe you can cook up a storm in the kitchen, then perhaps you should look into a career in cookery.

What does Commericial Cookery involve?
  • Monitoring and regulating temperatures of:
    • Ovens
    • Grills
    • Other cooking equipment
  • Ensuring kitchen is:
    • Hygienic
    • Functional
    • Meets government health requirements
  • Preparing food for cooking
  • Cooking different kinds of foods by a range of methods
  • Portioning and serving food in the kitchen and ensuring that food is well-presented
  • Storing food safely in temperature controlled facilities
  • Planning menus and estimating food requirements
  • Preparing food to meet special dietary requirements
What employment opportunities are available in Commercial Cookery work?
  • Restaurants, Bistros and clubs
  • Hotels, motels and other accommodation
  • Hospitals, nursing homes and boarding schools
  • Flight catering centres, seagoing ships
  • Take-away food outlets
Further pathways available in Commercial Cookery work include:
  • Sous chef
  • Restaurant manager
  • Restaurant owner
  • Speciality chef
You should pursue a career in Commercial Cookery if you:
  • Have a high level of personal cleanliness
  • Are able to organize efficient work schedules and work under pressure
  • Have good communication skills
  • Are able to maintain control and composure in difficult situations
  • Can work well in a team
  • Are creative and enjoy working with food