VETiS Metals & Engineering Competition

Manufacturing and engineering is one of the largest industries in Australia, with workers in a wide range of sectors using metal to make, maintain or repair a variety of metal products and structures. Innovations in efficient practices and new technologies are transforming the industry, with new areas constantly being developed.

The competition will test competitors on their skills in welding components together, soft soldering, using a metal lathe safely, marking out, measuring and bench assembly work while completing the project. Each competitor will be assessed on different facets of the projects, including WHS, sizes and tolerances of components, and workmanship.


  • Enjoy technical activities
  • Have an interest in computer-programmable machinery
  • Are physically fit
  • Have good hand-eye coordination
  • Are patient and accurate
  • Do not have skin or respiratory allergies


The WorldSkills Australia VETiS Metals & Engineering Competitions begin at a grass roots level in one of 34 Australian regions. The VETiS Metals & Engineering Regional Competitions test the skills and knowledge of 4000+ apprentices, trainees and students, who have the opportunity to win gold, silver and bronze medals and gain the chance to go on to compete at a national level.

WorldSkills Australia competitions operate on a two-year cycle. The next VETiS Metals & Engineering Regional Competition rounds are now running across the country. 2018 and 2020 are the next National Championship years.

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Training Package Requirements

The 2018 WorldSkills Australia VETiS Metals and Engineering Competitions align to the MEM05 (release 11.1) National Metal and Engineering Training Package.

Regional Competition

Training Package Requirements – Regional Level

The 2018 WorldSkills Australia Regional VETiS Metals and Engineering competition aligns to the Units of Competency (Elements of Competency and Performance Criteria) contained in the MEM10105 Certificate I in Engineering.

  • MEM 14004A – Plan to undertake a routine task
  • MEM 13014A – Apply principles of occupational health and safety in the work environment
  • MEM 09002B – Interpret technical drawing
  • MEM 18001C – Use hand tools
  • MEM 18002B – Use power tools/hand held operations
  • MEM 07032B – Use workshop machines for basic operations
  • MEM 16007A – Work with others in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment
  • MEM 12023A – Perform engineering measurements
  • MEM 05012C – Perform routine manual metal arc welding

Regional Tasks

  • Complete a Safe Work Method Statement and ensure adherence to WHS
  • Check the equipment and materials to ensure serviceability before the competition starts
  • Manufacture a hobby machine vice project from supplied materials

Regionals Competition Duration

6 hours – 1 day

National Competition

Training Package Requirements – National Level

The 2018 WorldSkills Australia National VETiS Metals and Engineering competition aligns to the Units of Competency (Elements of Competency and Performance Criteria) contained in the MEM10105 Certificate I in Engineering.

In addition to the Regional requirements, the National also includes:

  • MEM 12024A – Perform computations
  • MEM 05005B – Carry out mechanical cutting

National Tasks

  • Workplace safety
  • Pattern reading
  • Marking and cutting out
  • Folding and forming using Pan brake & Magnabend folding machines
  • Measuring
  • Cutting using hacksaw
  • Mig Welding (GMAW) & Manual Arc Welding (MMAW)
  • Assembly

Nationals Competition Duration

18 hours – 3 days

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