The finish line is near

The journey for our 26 champions is about to come to an end. With months of preparation and training now behind them, Brigitte Collins, Technical Delegate for the Australian team, reflects on how the Skillaroos have been performing over the past three days of the 43rd WorldSkills Competition.

“It’s been an amazing journey watching the competitors arrive from day one. There was anxiety, there was excitement, there was nerves and they all performed fairly steadily on the first day. Day two, a few of them were very tired and that’s not normally expected on day two but everyone’s where they should be”.

Brigitte continued to say that those competitors who experienced a slow start have now put that behind them and will continue to focus on completing their modules in anticipation for their results on Sunday.

Dylan Di Martino, Skillaroo representing Plumbing & Heating, felt the pressure on day two. “The copper was kinking and then it split and I had to get it replaced, which was a pickle. I was running short in time at the end so I had to sacrifice quality just to get it done and pressure tested which was achieved so it was worth sacrificing”. Today Dylan was on track with his schedule and successfully completed his pressure test.

The finish line is near and the Skillaroos need your support to carry them through to the end. Share your message of support using #Skillaroos. Check out the video and photo highlights from day three.