Troy Everett Recognised for Excellence

Long-time WorldSkills Australia volunteer Troy Everett was awarded a Premier TAFE Scholarship on Wednesday night. Troy is currently a member of the 2018/2019 WorldSkills Australia Skills Squad and has been involved with WorldSkills for over 15 years. Troy was voted in by his International WorldSkills peers in 2007 as the Deputy Chief Expert for Bricklaying. In 2013, he was voted in as the Chief Expert for Bricklaying and has performed that role for the last three Internationals and will be the Chief Expert in 2019. During his time as Bricklaying Training Manager, Troy has seen four competitors take home Bronze Medals at the International WorldSkills Championship.

“The scholarship will support me to travel to the United Kingdom, conduct research and identify best practice models that I hope will have a positive influence on our vocational education services,” explains Troy.

Troy shares “I feel very honoured and excited to receive this scholarship that gives me the opportunity to explore and research two facets of VET that I feel very passionate about.”

Discussing the steps towards utilising the scholarship, Troy explains “Firstly I will be compiling information about supporting literacy and numeracy deficient learners in the construction industries, especially bricklaying. These trade areas tend to attract individuals with issues in these areas and training organisations tend to be very good at the screening of literacy and numeracy levels but not so good at effectively supporting these learners after they have been identified. The second component of the research deals with catering to excellence in a competency-based training environment. Although the sector is heavily focussed on gauging and assessing for competence, there still needs to be enticements and metrics for learners to excel and be acknowledged for high-level performance. This opportunity has come on the back of my experience as a long-term employee with TAFE NSW and from my involvement with WorldSkills at all levels.”

Troy says he is “grateful to both of these organisations and this opportunity is a great example of where these organisations can take you.”

Jon Black Managing Director of TAFE NSW comments “the recognition is a testament to TAFE NSW teachers operating with an excellence mindset and their dedication to providing advanced education. Congratulations to all recipients of the 2019 Premier’s Teacher Scholarships.”

The award is for a study examining innovation in Vocational Educational and Training. It is anticipated the successful applicant would spend up to five weeks involved in a study program and/or visits to industry. TAFE NSW teachers currently teaching any vocational education and training courses are eligible to apply for this scholarship. (Source Education NSW)

On behalf of the WorldSkills Australia Network, we send our congratulations to Troy. We look forward to joining him at the WorldSkills Australia Skills Squad Training Camp in September.