WorldSkills Australia upskilling young Australians across the nation

We have been busy upskilling over 400 of Australia’s most talented apprentices as we look forward to the 2021 WorldSkills National Championships, proudly funded by the Western Australian Government.

To ensure we keep our competitors engaged, upskilled and motivated we have created a 10 Month National Skills Training Programme which is currently being delivered virtually in over 50 skills and trades led by some of Australia’s most talented trainers and mentors. Now 4 months into the programme, we are really starting to see our competitors rise to the challenge through innovation while vastly increasing their communication and interpersonal skills.

‘’Training towards essential skills not just for competition but also for the workplace is extremely important and skilled workers have never been more crucial to Australia’s economic recovery,’’ said Trevor Schwenke, CEO, WorldSkills Australia.

Our industry partners are heavily involved with the training programme by providing online training, products, tools and access to state-of-the-art software and technology. ‘’This is a fantastic opportunity for our future business owners to have direct access to industry experts,’’ said Trevor Schwenke, CEO, WorldSkills Australia.

Our partners at Learning Vault are providing engagement tools and recognition through a digital certification or a ‘digital badge’ that will be awarded to all competitors and judges once the training programme has been completed. We will extract the core skills from the programme and turn them into a micro credential endorsed by industry. These can be utilised on CVs and LinkedIn showcasing our competitor’s resilience and improving their employability.

While we train competitors in a variety of skills and trades ranging from Cyber Security, Carpentry to Commercial Cookery. WorldSkills Australia are aware that many of our competitors might be having a difficult time due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their work, training and/or family life. Therefore, this week we are running webinars on the importance of mindset and resilience during these challenging times. Competitors and volunteers will learn key tools and strategies, through presentations from several experts in this field, that can be applied not only to the competition and the workplace but also their everyday lives.