What is Virtual Skills Week?


Every two years, WorldSkills Australia runs regional skill competitions, which give young trainees and apprentices the opportunity to showcase their talent while vying for a chance to compete both nationally and internationally.

From August 22-26 2022, ran Virtual Skills Week – a full week of regional competitions for a number of digital skills including 3D Digital Game Art, Graphic Design Technology, IT Systems Administration and Cloud Computing in October 2022.

COMING UP IN 2023 – Cyber Security and IT Network Systems Administration date 31 March 2023.

Virtual Skills Week competitions are held remotely and are open to competitors anywhere in Australia. Successful competitors may be offered a chance to compete at the 2023 WorldSkills Australia National Championships, due to be held in Melbourne in August 2023. Exceptional competitors at the National Championships may then have the opportunity to compete at the next WorldSkills International Competition in Lyon, France in 2024.

Registrations are now open – see the links below to register.

Registrations Close 24 March 2023

3D Digital Game Art | Monday 22 August 2022

Graphic Design Technology | Monday 22 August 22

Cloud Computing | FRIDAY 14 OCTOBER 22

Cyber Security | Friday 31 March 2023

IT Network Systems Administration | Friday 31 March 2023

What are skill competitions?

Skill competitions are an opportunity for Australia’s trainees and apprentices to test their skills and knowledge in their chosen field against their peers.

Competitors first participate in a regional competition – usually held at a school or training organisation – where they test their skills against others in their region. People who  perform well at the regional competition will spend the next several months training for the National Championships – an exciting, three-day competition where regional winners from all across the country meet up to compete, network and learn. From there, national medalists may be invited to train for the International Competition. This competition, run in a different city every two years, sees the very best skills talent from all over the world compete over four days.

Held every two years, the National Championships are the biggest trades and skills competition in the country. The next one is due to be held in Melbourne in August 2023, and will consist of more than 50 competitions and loads of Try’aSkill booths where you can try your hand at different trades and skills.


Competition Information

3D Digital Game Art

The 2022 WorldSkills Australia Regional Competition for 3D DIGITAL GAME ART aligns to the National Training Package ICT40120 (Certificate IV in Information Technology) and the following Units of Competency contained in the ICT40120 Qualification.

  • ICTGAM418 Use simple modelling for animation
  • ICTGAM431 Design and create 3D digital models
  • ICTGAM427 Use 3D software interface and toolsets

This competition is @6hrs and involves a number of tasks leading to the creation of two 3D assets. Competitors will work individually to create:

  • An organic (sculpted) 3D Asset with PBR textures
  • A hard surface (modelled) 3D Asset with PBR textures
  • Minor animation of the organic asset


  • Time management and organisational skills
  • Design skills
  • 3D Asset creation, including:
    • Modelling
    • Sculpting
    • UV export, Map generation and PBR texturing
  • Basic animation skills

The competition information and brief will be issued on the day of virtual competition

Key Contact Details:

Contact Name: David Bartolo

Contact Email: david.bartolo@tafensw.edu.au

Graphic Design Technology

The 2022 WorldSkills Australia Regional Competition for GRAPHIC DESIGN TECHNOLOGY aligns to the National Training Package CUA Creative Arts and Culture and the ICP Printing and Graphic Arts and the following Units of Competency contained in the Qualifications CUA40720 Certificate IV in Design and ICP31420 Certificate III in Prepress Graphic Design Production Qualifications.

  • CUADES412 Interpret and respond to a design brief
  • CUAACD411 Integrate colour theory and design processes
  • CUADES411 Generate design solutions
  • CUADIG304 Create Visual Design Components
  • CUADIG415 Produce innovative digital images
  • CUAGRD312 Use typography techniques
  • CUAPPR411 Realise a creative project
  • ICPPRP2110 Develop basic design concepts
  • ICPPRP3110 Develop detailed design concepts
  • ICPPRP224 Produce pages using a page layout application
  • ICPPRP2210 Select and apply type
  • ICPPRP3210 Produce a typographic images
  • ICPPRP3340 Prepare an imposition format for printing processes
  • ICPPRP2250 Produce graphics using a graphics application
  • ICPPRP3240 Create pages using a page layout application
  • ICPPRP2520 Output images
  • ICPPRP3960 Generate high-end PDF files
  • ICPPRP4230 Apply colour to design brief
  • ICPSUP2600 Maintain a safe work environment
  • ICPSUP2810 Use computer systems in the printing and graphic arts sectors

The 2022 Regional will require competitors to complete and test several key competencies in line with the nationally accredited Graphic Arts and Graphic Design Competency Standards. The regional competition will be completed in one day over a six-hour period. The competition comprises one print job from initial concept to the final production of a suitable file to supply to a General Commercial Printer using computer-to-plate technology. Competitors should possess a good understanding of Adobe Creative Suite 6 or CC.


  • Organisation of work in an efficient and logical manner
  • Interpretation of client brief and printing requirements
  • Layout and typographic skills (e.g. font choice, font size, kerning, readability)
  • Use of appropriate techniques to achieve the ultimate result

e.g. retouching, correct bleeding, colour correcting, resolution of images

  • Scans, spot versus process colour, masking, deep etching and contouring
  • The job is completed by the deadline and a suitable file is supplied to an independent printer

Key Contact Details:

Contact Name: Brendan Hibbert

Contact Email: brendan.hibbert@nmtafe.wa.edu.au

Cloud Computing

**Please note: This competition has been postponed until Friday 14 October 2022. (9am WA time and 11am AEST) 

Please note that AWS will be running a 30 -45 min session on Cloud Quest for competitors and mentors (mentors – 1 representative per State)  on the Friday 2 September in the lead up to the competition (9am WA time/11am AEST)  

Cloud Computing

This competition environment is a series of capture the flag challenges. Each challenge is worth a number of points that are awarded when the challenge is solved. Each challenge also includes hints, but using these hints reduces the number of points you may receive for that challenge.

The competition is 4hrs – with 30 mins additional for Brief and Debrief of the event

The event is completely virtual, so you will need

  • A computer running Windows, MacOSX or Linux
  • A modern browser, preferably Chrome or Firefox
  • A microphone or headset
  • An internet connection

Students attending the cloud skill event will be asked to register on the AWS Jam platform and an initial welcome and demonstration of the platform will be streamed on Twitch.

The AWS JAM is an event where students experience a wide range of AWS services in a series of prepared scenarios that represent common use-cases and operational tasks, such as remediation at scale, automation, forensics, incident response, AI/ ML, DevOps, compliance and many others. The event is gamified, with students competing to score points by completing a series of challenges over the course of the event. AWS provides access to pre-created infrastructure that is based on common use cases that students use to determine what happened, how to best respond, and deploy appropriate solutions. The challenges have varying degrees of difficulty and points associated with them. A live leader-board provides updates on stats and progress. Clues and guidance help your students move through the challenges.

The challenges that have been selected use or more of these services: EC2, Lambda, S3, SSM,  IAM, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, RDS, SQS, SNS, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, DynamoDB, API Gateway, KMS and others. AWS Jam is designed as a learning platform, so students will encounter services and problems they have never seen before. They are permitted to access public documentation during the event and encouraged to use the hints if they are stuck.

Students need a computer with a current version of Chrome or Firefox and internet access with unrestricted access on ports 80 and 443. We have avoided challenges that require SSH access.

The event is supported AWS staff, and educators at participating institutions will also be given a tour of the AWS Jam platform during the event.


Please contact: Jay Polandaya  jay.polandaya@rmit.edu.au


Cyber Security

**Please note: This competition has been postponed until late October 2022. We will advise of new dates ASAP.

Cyber Security

This competition is a team event –  with a red and a blue member. This unique competition environment gives the participants the chance to understand, learn and analyse the different kind of Attack and Defence techniques by active playing the role of RED (Attacker) and BLUE (Defender) and in doing so find different kinds of flags based on different difficulty and earn points. [Switching roles between red/blue team member in the same team is allowed].

Knowing both the Attack/Defence methods and getting in that mindset ultimately prepares the participants for the real world where, there are lot of variables and unknown and they need to protect their network and assets against any network and cyber security threats possible.

Every team will be given jump machine and the details on how to access the Jump machine will be communicated once registered.

Tools for the Red and Blue Members would include:

  1. Kali Linux
  2. Target machines
  3. Next Generation Firewall
  4. SIEM – Monitoring Tool
  5. Realtime Scoring System


Please contact: Sawan Singh sawan.singh@keysight.com


IT Network Systems Administration

The WorldSkills Australia IT Network Systems Administration competitions are aligned to the ICT Information and Communications Technology Training Package.

The competition requires the competitors to create a network representing a small-to-medium enterprise using a virtual environment, each competitor will be tested in a variety of different areas including:

  • Configuration of a hypervisor
  • Installation and configuration of Windows hosts
  • Installation and configuration of Linux hosts
  • IP addressing and associated services
  • Configuration of network services and resources
  • Security policies
  • User accounts and access control
  • Documentation



Please contact: Troy Pretty itnsa@outlook.com.au

Why should I enter?

Taking part in Regional Competitions offers participants huge benefits and opportunities. These include:

  • Striving and being recognised for excellence
  • Boosting your workplace skills and performance
  • Demonstrating your potential to current and future employers
  • Benchmarking your skills against others in your field
  • Fast-tracking your career and developing skills such as time management and organisation skills
  • Building your networking and communication skills through taking direction from industry peers, engaging with industry and peers and working alongside rivals
  • Developing your commitment and responsibility through understanding and meeting competition criteria and requirements.

Am I eligible to enter?

To enter the Virtual Skills Week Competitions, applicants should

  • Be undertaking studies towards a qualification at an RTO/TAFE/University
  • Undertaken/recently completed qualification at an RTO/TAFE/University

“I wouldn’t be half the tradie that I am without WorldSkills Australia and their ongoing support for women in trades and skills. I started the next chapter of my life with WorldSkills Australia and since then have never looked back, they create a platform to showcase excellence at a regional, national and international level and I was fortunate to experience all three.

I have excelled in all aspects of life since competing in a WorldSkills Regional Competition whether it be through employment, buying a property or encouraging others to look at VET as a fantastic career pathway.”

Silver Medal in Car Painting at the 2019 WorldSkills International Competition in Kazan