Weld Australia – Securing the Future of Australia’s Welding Industry

Weld Australia (formerly known as the WTIA) represents the welding profession in Australia. Its members are made up of individual welding professionals and companies of all sizes. Weld Australia’s primary goal is securing the future of Australia’s welding industry.

A not-for-profit, membership-based organisation, Weld Australia is dedicated to providing members with a competitive advantage.

Weld Australia is the Australian representative member of the International Institute of Welding (IIW).


Weld Australia’s mission is to represent the interests of members and safeguard the public by ensuring the integrity of in-service welds, and to promote the use of best practice technology and quality systems.


Weld Australia is bringing their exciting simulator technology to the Skills Show! These augmented and virtual reality training technologies are proven to be efficient and environmentally sustainable, enabling future welders to acquire the skills and the self-confidence they need before moving into real-world workshops. Try it out at Zone B at the Skills Show 2-4 June. Learn more about the Try’aSkill options at the Skills Show.

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