WorldSkills challenges you to keep the momentum going past WYSD

The world united earlier this month to promote youth skills development by celebrating World Youth Skills Day (WYSD), the second year of celebrations since the United Nations declared 15 July each year to be dedicated to this important cause.


WorldSkills Australia challenges your workplace to keep the momentum going far beyond WYSD:

1. Champion your skill. The best way for industry to ensure that the next generation of skilled workers are trained at a high standard is to support them from the start. Make a commitment to take on at least one apprentice per year. By actively championing their education, your organisation is providing a valuable opportunity to a young person and building your ideal workforce.

2. Engage young people early. Share your passion for your trade with young people by showing them what it’s all about. WorldSkills Australia’s Try’aSkill demonstrations are a fun way to engage young people in a meaningful way by allowing them to try their hand at a variety of trades and skills. Try’aSkill is the perfect addition to a variety of events such as career expos, open days and school fetes, and they provide your organisation with a valuable opportunity to connect with the local community.

3. Support a champion. Over 500 young apprentices, trainees and students will represent 58 different skills as they go for gold at the 2016 WorldSkills Australia National Competition, Melbourne this October. These young people are excellent examples of where a trade or skill-based career can take you and have the potential to be powerful ambassadors for their industries. There are many ways to support these amazing young people in their journey. Wish these young people from your region good luck by posting your message of support on social media and tag WorldSkills Australia and #achievegreatness.