National Skills Week: Introducing Clive Glauert, WA cookery apprentice

In honour of National Skills Week 2020, we’re profiling a number of competitors who are training hard in preparation of the WorldSkills Australia National Championships. To find out more about how we’re keeping our competitors engaged, upskilled and motivated during in the lead-up to Nationals, click here.

Clive Glauert’s love affair with food began when he was working as a packer for his family’s seafood wholesale business, Festival Fish.

With some of Perth’s most highly regarded chefs placing orders with Festival Fish, Clive started to ask them questions about the items they were ordering, and what they planned to cook with them. From there, Clive’s curiosity about food was piqued.

At just 21 years old, Clive has since thrown himself into Perth’s culinary scene with enthusiasm, embarking on an apprenticeship at popular restaurant Odyssea City Beach. While his food journey began with seafood, he’s now tackling all types of cuisines, including desserts.

After hearing about WorldSkills from a former competitor, Clive decided to enter a WorldSkills Australia regional competition in 2019, where he won gold in his region. Now, he’s honing his skills in preparation for the WorldSkills Australia National Championships in 2021.

For Clive, cooking is about creativity – about exploring new flavours, new ingredients and new techniques, and he’s hoping to use that creativity to win a gold medal at Nationals, and a place on the Skillaroos.