WorldSkills Australia expert named as finalist for Australian Training Awards

WorldSkills Australia is very pleased to announce that Bricklaying Expert, Troy Everett is a finalist for the 2015 Australian Training Awards.

Troy is an inspiring mentor, dedicating his time and expertise to nurturing the next generation of trades and skills talent. He is the Head Teacher for Bricklaying, Building and Construction, Civil Engineering, Surveying and Mapping at TAFE NSW Illawarra Institute. He is also one of the Australian Government’s Australian Apprenticeship Ambassadors.

For the past 22 years, Troy has acted as a judge, project designer, committee chairperson and international expert for WorldSkills Australia. Most recently, Troy was the Chief Expert in Bricklaying at the 43rd WorldSkills Competition in São Paulo, Brazil, where his mentee Sam Spong won a bronze medal.

Aside from teaching and training Australia’s next best bricklayers, Troy is also passionate about assisting communities in need in Australia and abroad. In April 2016, he will join a team of bricklayers to work in an earthquake-affected area in Nepal to build a village school hall complex.

Commencing in 1994, the Australian Training Awards recognise individuals, businesses and registered training organisations for their outstanding contribution to vocational education and training within Australia. Troy was named a finalist for the Teacher/Trainer of the Year award after winning the title at the NSW Training Awards in September.

“I feel very honoured to be named as the recipient of the NSW VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year, especially as I know there are so many fantastic teachers and trainers out there that are so dedicated and do such incredible work,” says Troy.

Troy hopes that the award will highlight how rewarding trade and skill-based careers can be. “In particular I hope more parents can also see the merit in this career path as they often have a bearing on these types of decisions for their sons and daughters,” he says.

“I know I was tossing up between bricklaying and university when I was deciding upon a career and I am so glad I chose the trade. As it turned out I was still able to engage in academic learning later anyway so this highlights that are a vast range of directions it can take you or you can chose to take.”

Troy said that he feels very fortunate to have been able to combine his passion for both bricklaying and teaching to make a difference to the lives of many young people over the years.

The Australian Training Awards will be held on Thursday, 19 November in Hobart, Tasmania. For more information, visit:

To help Troy and his team meet their funding goal for the rebuilding project in Nepal, visit the official GoFundMe page for the project here: