Sarah Frew

WorldSkills History:

  • Regional Competition 2009: Gold
  • National Competition 2010: Gold

About me

I enrolled in the Certificate II in Business Administration course at TAFE as I was working in hospitality at the time and found the hours too consuming.  I really enjoyed the course and shortly after I finished I received a job at ForestrySA.  I have been there for three years now and still really enjoy what it has to offer.

In the short term I am happy at my current job.  I find that I am still learning something new every day.  In the long term I would like to study something that involves more of my personal interests such as interior design or decorating.  Through incorporating my administration experience with my interests I hope to branch out on my own.

What I enjoy most about business services

I have been given many opportunities to work in different departments within the company so I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the time I have been there.  I now have the ability to pass on to others the knowledge what I have learnt.  I am also comfortable and enjoy assisting clients.

How has WorldSkills Australia helped me?

WorldSkills has helped me both personally and professionally by boosting my confidence and enabling me to see that I have the ability to achieve anything I put my mind to.  The skills I have gained during my time spent preparing for and competing in the WorldSkills competitions have benefited me greatly at work and in my personal life.  The opportunities I have been given have helped me to develop my communication and interpersonal skills as well as technical skills.  It has been a great experience so far, meeting new people, learning more and more, getting yourself out of your comfort zone and testing your abilities.

Work Experience in the UK

I would love to work in design and decorating or at a magazine.  Getting an idea of what goes on in the background and hopefully get a bit of exposure with the designers would be ideal. However any type of administration work would be beneficial.  I am interested to learn about the different working environments available to me.  Furthermore I hope to learn more about business services from an international perspective.  I would highly appreciate the exposure of working for a company or business in my desired field.

I am looking forward to going overseas to a country I’ve never been to, meeting new people, testing my abilities, pushing myself to the limit and learning new things.