Alexander Slinger

Skill: Baking Bread
Region: Ballarat/Wimmera, VIC
Training Provider: Federation University, Ballarat
Employer: Burnham Bakery, Sherbrook Mt Dandenong
Mentor: Dean Baker

Alexander applied for an apprentice baker’s position in 2012 at the Cranbourne Baker’s Delight on a whim. After 12 months of baking, he was hooked. Since completing his apprenticeship in 2015, he has completed another apprenticeship as a pastry chef and worked in two independent bakeries.

Alexander has a strong appreciation for small business owners that are passionate about their product and don’t resort to mass produced, machinery-dependent production.

“Throughout the Worldskills competition, I enjoyed the continuous motivation to strive for a higher result. Witnessing some of the best bakers in Victoria drove me to push my limits and think outside my comfort zone. Worldskills opened so many doors for me to explore throughout my career as a baker, as well as introducing me to some amazing teachers and bakers along the way.”

In the future, Alexander wants to explore how different ingredients and methods change the end product. He is looking forward to a placement at a bakery in Oxford which mills their own flour so he can see the product develop from the very beginning.

Fast facts

  • Three words that best describe you: “Passionate, comedic and adventurous.”
  • What do you expect to be asked about Australia: “Do kangaroos deliver your mail?”
  • Vegemite or Marmite: “ I could eat it by the spoonful.”